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PRZ Sports Turf Consulting
Colorado Springs, CO

Larry D. Musser, President

Larry Musser, President of PRZ Consulting, has been involved in soil, water and wastewater chemistry for 35 years. In 1988 he began concentrating his efforts on soil analysis and accumulating a database of soil analysis. Since then, he has used the results from this database of over 18,000 analysis to develop a computer program that repairs badly damaged athletic fields. Today this program is being used for ongoing soil consulting on over 500 athletic fields at any one time in 15 states. This data base has become instrumental in the assessment of and the corrective specification for parks and athletic fields on reclaimed water!

For the past 10 years Larry has been using this extensive database to recommend the maintenance of new athletic fields to allow them to stand up to the wear that the owner has determined the field will receive. The fields that follow this maintenance program designed this way stand up to exceptional wear.

Larry has 17 years of experience in teaching the techniques of proper turf maintenance via PRZ Seminar's Sports Turf Maintenance and Design for Sustainability Seminars. He has been teaching his findings by providing approximately 35-50 PRZ Athletic Field Maintenance Seminars per year.

Because of Mr. Musser's extensive involvement in both New Field Maintenance and Turf Consulting for ongoing maintenance, PRZ is the national leader in extreme high wear natural sports turf through cutting edge methods.

We at PRZ are Sports Field Maintenance Specialists. Our Sports Field Assessment will provide the following:
  1. The current state of the fields. This information is derived from 17 years of on site consulting on sports fields, from a data base of over 18,000 soil analyses from all over the United States and from 17 years of teaching our PRZ Sports Field Maintenance Seminars in 48 states (78 seminars in 2006).
  2. The causes of the current conditions will be explained in detail. This is important to understand so that these fields don't return to the state that they are in now.
  3. The potential remedies will be discussed in detail including costs for each. This is the area where:
  4. A complete Maintenance Calendar will be provided which shows every maintenance task that will be required, each fertilizer and amendment applications and their amounts.
  5. A Field Usage /Availability Analysis Chart is provided for each field at each site. This chart shows you exactly how much wear each of your fields can tolerate on a month by month basis and where you might actually have some additional hours of wear available during the year.
  6. Where necessary, our assessment compares your current composite wear at each site with the addition of an artificial turf field. In some extreme cases, the addition of a lighted artificial turf field is the only way we can keep grass growing on the client's natural turf fields.
  7. In all of the above parts of the PRZ Sports Field Assessment the costs are carefully laid out so that boards and committees can thoughtfully compare all of the options.
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